Best Galaxy Note 10.1 Cases

Best Galaxy Note 10.1 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has found its way to be one of the best avaible tablet in the market directly competing with the Apple in iPad. Users for this device are actively searching for accesories and cases to protect the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. After some researched these are the few best cases we found for the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 book case

samsung note 10.1 book case

The bookcase is really a slim and light weight case for the Note 10.1. After a simple installation, the tablet fits the tablet snugly. The cutouts are precisely located for the easy access of all the ports and the S stylus pen. A magentic flip is present for the flipstand function that allows the user to view their favourite video. The matted and textured surface of the case makes the case water resistance and fingerprint free. Once again I will highlight that this case is simply light at roughly 250g and looks good great like a folder when closed.


Zenus Masstige Lettering Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Case

Best Galaxy Note 10.1 leather case reviewBest Galaxy Note 10.1 leather case

This case is a clear beauty to behold. Produced by high quality Pu leather material that have a great texture whichs makes the case looks and feel while carrying it. I am pretty surprised by the positive comments recieved by collegues and friends the beatiful leather finishes and the stylish design of the case. Additional functions of the case besides protecting it includes a builtin  stand, a stylus loop and a handstrap. I simply adore the detailing of the fine prints inscribed on the case. you sould certainly get this case it if you are looking for a quality case and love the leather journal’s look.

Poetic Dura Book Galaxy Note 10.1 Case


Poetic DuraBook case for galaxy note 8.0

The outer layer of the case is covered by textured faux leather, giving the case a stylish and professional feel. The red striking leather straps and velcro stand allows the device to be viewed in different angles whether is it for drawing, typing or viewing a video.It fits my tablet perfectly. For the price, I was expecting something a lot less sturdy. It is actually very sturdy. If I dropped it, I have no doubt that no damage would be done. It looks good and feels great. I highly recommend this case to anyone!





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