Best Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Razer Kraken Forged Edition($299)

Best Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Razer Kraken Forged Edition($299)

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Looking for a premium headphone to pair along with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that also acts as a phone receiver and at times pluck it into your computer or ultra book for a multiplayer online game session ? The Razer Kraken Forged Edition($400) is simply the perfect companion for your needs. Noted as the most stylish gaming headset it’s a breeze to bring it on the go . The exterior of the earcups are made from light, shiny and durable aircraft aluminum that is simply stylish. Connected by a flexible soft headband makes keeping the the device into the hard case(along with the audio cable and microphone inside ) provided by Razer company a breeze. The plush leather material used on the earcups and the connector makes the Kraken the most comfy set to the user even for a long period of time. With the engineered neodymium driver in the ear cups provides users with premium sound effects of great bass. We had a great time playing Battlefield 4 on the PCs and Mass effect on my galaxy note . The inbuilt microphones also make the on the go gaming a more feasible solution . The receiver is highly responsive as we realized the voices are not muffled after a tryout.

Premium Aluminium looks really classy and premium


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What other owners of the Razer Krazen said

1. Excellent feel and look as a matter of fact, they kinda be some weight.
2. Comfy feel on the head due to the plush leather that is both soft and flexible that will bends itself perfectly to fit nicely to the user’s skull.
3. Easy to be paired with any device, portable music player, phone etc to power them without a problem.
4. A complementary case included.
5. Engineered for gaming with good bass audios

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