Heart Rate Monitoring Bluetooth Headset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 iriverOn IF-M100

Heart Rate Monitoring Bluetooth Headset Samsung Galaxy Note 3 iriverOn IF-M100


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This cool gadget is not solely designed as another Bluetooth headset for just listening to music or phone calls. The  iriverOn IF-M100 actually monitors the heart rate during exercise. Its is shaped in an unconventional and innovative look. The C shaped collar attaches itself onto the neck of the user while the user is doing his or her run. The volume controls, received call buttons and the play back buttons are all conviently attached to the collar. To access to the application that allows the user to track their performance, conviently via bluetooth pair the device with your Samsung Note 3 and download the iriverOn applications. Precisely key in your age/sex/height/weight, the application will allow you to monitor your performance on how much calories is burned during a workout. Professional athletics can also set their goals on either stamina or strength buildings for various workouts like treadmill, cycling or weight lifting.  This is only made possible with the  iriverON’s voice reviews program informs the individual of the existing heart rate sector and up-dates with immediate live stats from numerous fitness reps in the course of your workout. The voice suggestions program gives precise and insightful fitness information, ensuing in a much more efficient and wiser training.

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  • Precisely measures heartbeats per minute and gives voice guidance to consumers via Valencell’s copyrighted PerformTek technology
  • Appropriate for iOS or Android operating system Cell phones which works out pulse rate, mileage, time, and calories burned
  • Tune in to tunes, managed your phone calls, and reveal workout results via Facebook
  • weights only 45grams
  • Measures oxygen maximum intake (VO2 MAX) and gives realtime details and reviews of one’s workouts

  • 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner for ergonomic product design



















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