Kickstarter accessory for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

Dated 27/01/2014

Kickstarter accessory for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

Kickstarter drew  480 million dollars in pledges 2013. Project backers came from 214 countries and 800000 users that supported multiple projects. More than 80% of the past projects made their way to Amazon, eBay and on after their official launch.

Purchasing or rather sponsorship  on kickstarter is actually a fun and fulfilling process, especially for the tech and gadgets lovers who always want to get their hands on the latest gadgets and its accessories.

Here are the notable kickstarter projects that make their way  to the market


Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble is one of the pioneer products in Kickstarter

  • Look at updates of your mail, text messages, calls, schedule as well as your favored applications on your arm while on the go.
  • Get a hold of watch faces and applications matching your preferred design and style.
  • Manage tunes utilizing apple itunes, Spotify, google music and pandora.
  • Chargeable lithium battery will last 5-7 days and nights on one recharge
  • Suitable for Apple and Android devices

I have heard of users with weaker hearing benefiting from the device . Typically they require their mobiles switch to the highest volume in order to listen to it and occasionally they cant feel the vibration on the phone. On the other hand, the Pebble will vibrate on the wrist and notify the caller. It is absolutely amazing.


pebble steel















YouTube Preview Image

The newly relaunched Pebble Steel is of a more premium and  posh look. It has a function that other smart watches may lack of, the waterproof function. In the past you might have to worry of getting the smart watches wet during a rainy day or a visit to the loo, being waterproof these problems are eliminated.


NFC Ring

  • The ideal blend of style and technological innovation
  • Enables consumers to upload personalized details making use of a mobile application
  • Can keep info of names, phone numbers and email
  • Can be utilised to connect with other NFC devices

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