Wireless Memory Card for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Wireless Memory Card for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Wireless Memory Card for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Wireless Memory Card for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Have anyone faced this common problem?

Being in the middle of your sight seeing taking great pictures or videos from your high definition video camera or your DSLR  that you will like to share immediately on your facebook or twitter account. But realized that it isn’t possible to upload these pictures to the social site immediately without a manual transfer of the files through a USB port from your webcam to a ultra book with internet connection probably from the hotel after a full day’s sightseeing. Sounds to be a hassle to almost everyone. An alternative would be using the cell phone with data to shoot the same scenery and upload it. However, the definition of the picture or video is still subpar compared to a more powerful Dslr camera.

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A solution from Eye-Fi Mobi :

If only you can do a wireless transfer of the files from your camera to your smart phone, the pictures can be share through, facebook, twitter and instagram in no time. Now we have a new product that actually does that. The Eye-Fi Mobi, a 8GB or 16GB wireless SD card that wirelessly transfers the pictures from your camera to you smart phone through Wifi. Now you can share the pictures through your favorite applications.

More importantly

– No cables

– No syncing needed

– No wifi network need

– The Eye-Fi Mobi creates a signal similar to Bluetooth keyboard technology inside the camera. Simply key in the given password code of the memory card on the smart phone and the pictures get transferred immediately when you open the Mobi App. Therafter the pictures will be saved into the camera roll. This is most fast, simple, smart and possibly only on the go way to share from a high definition camera to social sites using the Wireless Memory Card for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 .


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