Samsung Galaxy S5

Right here will come by far the most look for New samsung smart phone in 2014 the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 retailing in early April

The latest hardware update

two and a half giga hertz quad-core processor

two gigs of ram

802 11 AC wifi connector by far the fastest

5.1 inches 1080 Amoled Led display

High defination display of 2,560×1,440 pixels

runs on andriod 4.4.2

sixteen mega-pixel sensing unit along with a new focused photograph signal processor chip

durable rubberised rear exterior just like the Google Nexus

Flashlight and heartbeat sensors located underneath the back camera

Colors include white,black,blue and gold

2800mah detachable battery pack ( 1 / 2 of the galaxy note 3)


The initial look of the S5 appears nearly the same as the S4 which has a apparent distinction at the charging ports. The buttons on the front display screen vary having a back, home and multitasking buttons. Similar to the Apple iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition , Samsung also comes up with their fingerprint sensor used to unlock the phone and authenticate online transactions. Certainly a great camera. It might be the most speedy auto focus smart phone with its new visual signal processing chip. Its certainly a great camera and video recording phone with various different resolutions that you can choose from in its camera mode. The 40 pictures burst mode only takes around 4 seconds.


A cool feature is the heart rate sensors that calculates your heart rate reading via S health application. Simply place your fingers on the senor and it will start to record the heartbeat.

How much does it cost ?

Something good about Samsung is when it lanches a new product, the older version becomes slightly cheaper, for users looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may want to wait for a month or so before doing so. Galaxy S4 will be price around 600plus without contracts and probably $200 to $400 with one.

Definitely the phone I will get in April 2014.

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