Belkin Headphone Splitter for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Belkin Headphone Splitter for the Samsung Galaxy S5 ($2.38)


Belkin Headphone Splitter for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is great addition accessory to smart phone. Having purchased a couple of these earphone splitters for my family members for the forthcoming getaway. Just when it got here I connected it in with my earhone and speakers to my laptop to test whether the audio quality would lessen when you connect with the 2nd set of headsets. Both sets work well with more or less the same volume quality. This will be awesome to use with tablets like Samsung Note pro. Samsung Galaxy S5, apple ipods and kindles we will be bringing along on our trip.

  • Connect 2 headsets or speakers to one jack
  • Ideal for connecting two mini stereo speakers to your iPod
  • Allows a single iPod to connect two sets of headphones for multiple listening enjoyment

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Belkin Headphone Splitter for the Samsung Galaxy S5


Belkin Rockstar Multi-Headphone Splitter ($12.79)


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  • 3.5mm headphone adapter splits line into five 3.5mm ports
  • Connect up to five headphones to one device for sharing music with friends
  • Mix music by connecting multiple music players at once
  • Belkin F8Z274ttP iPhone Mini Stereo Dub Cord 3.5MM Stereo
  • One hard-wired connection for your MP3 player
  • Also works with all MP3 and portable DVD players
  • Five jacks for attaching headphones or iPod devices
  • Mixing and fade-ins controlled by the standard controls of each MP3 player

Having to reside within a condominium at the city of USA , and have absolutely movie evening every weekends on my newly bought projector and screen. Our guests who enjoys to watching the motion pictures at this point is hard on his hearing, so he has to use earphones that are amplifed. Therefore we do not want to get complains or cause disturbance to our neighbors, I purchased with the very fact that most of us may use headsets to enjoy the motion pictures. Everybody is made satisfied! In addition we obtain the full bass sounds and high in volume explosions so it will be an incredibly awesome personal experience for everyone! We make use of the JVC HA-V570 Supra-Aural Headphones, and the Naxa NE-916 Super Bass Professional Digital Stereo Headphones, all purchased for ten dollars each. A great deal of far better the cinemas price in the long run! Since we get a hold of most of current movies downloaded from Amazon Prime.

Belkin Headphone Splitter for the Samsung Galaxy S5



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