Best Battery Cases For Samsung Galaxy S5

Best Battery Cases For Samsung Galaxy S5


Zerolemon Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy S5

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The most powerful battery and sturdiest long lasting case cover.

After doing a full charged

The battery pack was Ninety percent following four hrs even with serious consumption. After the battery power gotten to Fifty percent I made use of it for a good 10 hours.

Serious consumption include

The Lte and wifi was on all time
Talked on phone for around 4 hours on phone

Listened to music for 3 hours

browse nba website on every now and then

Played Nba 2k14

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Apart from that the galaxy S5 in addition to Zerolemon place on has a weight of 300 grams however the case is among the very best and also the buttons could possibly be in the beginning difficult to press but over time you’ll get used to it due to its protection it gives. Similar to what Griffin case users who wants to protect the device from any scratches or dents.

The other day my S5 dropped unintentionally from 18feet high(a storey high). I was thinking smart phone screen is damaged with a shattered oor scratched glass however the zerolemon case protected my phone with not even scuff marks. Thus I do not mind the weight of the case.

Great gratitude to Zerolemon for all my handsets. This is the best battery and case that’s on the current market . Buy it as soon as possible.


UNU Unity Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Case




The sleek and slim design of the 2800mAh battery pack case offers the Samsung Galaxy S5 backup battery of 100%, comparable to a further 10 hrs of talk-time. Completely protects your valued S5 from scratches, fingerprints, smudging and bumps.The intelligent and novel design provides an easy access to all ports, camera, and headphone jack without removing the case.


Caseology Samsung Galaxy S5 2 X 2800 mAh


Spare Replacement Li-ion Battery Combo with


Portable USB Port Travel Wall Charger



Non-OEM accessory Compatible with all versions of Samsung Galaxy S5 (AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile Models)
Lithium-ion Technology for optimum battery life with approx. 500 charging cycles
Portable wall charger with Multi-connector USB port (cable not included)
High capacity 2800 mAh for long lasting power with 3.7 Voltage
Package includes: 2 rechargeable batteries and USB wall charger

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