Best Sports Games for Samsung Galaxy S5


Best Sports Games for Samsung Galaxy S5

Noted from EA the launch of the new Fifa 2014 will be around 24th September 2013

Fifa 2014

Once again the best player from the Fifa 2013 will be the Lionel Messi from Barcelona. FIFA always looks to improve the players Physics by adding realistic AI movements of various players from a dribble, tackle or a shot, graphics and audio improvements always seem a blast. Fans will be elated to see more defined options on the Career mode that builds a new player from scratch. FIFA will be add a more new breathtaking dribbles that was introduced in the last year version,therefore I will definately get it.

The Offical FIFA Gameplay Trailer Presented by EA sports


Keynotes on improvements on the gameplay

*Some of the players have additional instinct that foresees incoming physical contacts of the defenders. The new dribbles of the strikers actually slides across the defenders instead of stumbling on the previous versions.

*Body positioning defense in the Fifa 2014 is as real as it gets. In the past versions for almost a decade, winning over the ball is mainly on tackles or side pushing. Very similar to what Carles Puyol will do
YouTube Preview Image
*Great headers animations are added with the high computers processors – finesse headers added (in the past versions usually most headers are either straight or in the same direction of the striker) changes are made so as the striker is able to tilt his shoulders and head in the opposite direction as shown in the video for a change in direction header

*Fluid movements and animations in receiving the in coming passes (never happened before 180 degrees turn after receiving the pass, flip chest thru balls

*New Swirl ball movements after a strike (Messi Strike Shot)

EA soccer game rocks

5 NBA 2K14 Lebron James Cover


NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Lebron James Cover

YouTube Preview Image

Its announced that on amazon, steam and best buy that the best basketball game NBA 2k14 will be on the shelves after 1st October this year. Information on this up coming title have been somehow limited. First, we’ve got screenshot of Lebron being the cover player. This season, 2K unquestionably enhanced the feel of the overall game and also the players models.

Lebron is doing almost everything within the basketball court,from being a 2 time NBA champion  to having 5 most valuable players award while never been in the cover NBA console games.The Miami Heat MVP says “I hope everyone is as excited about NBA 2K14 as I am,” There will be a special edition of the King James Bonus packed which reminds me somehow on the Michael 2k11 version The bonus package features special content material showcasing Lebron james. Today’s generation buyers will get 10,000 virtual currency, additional material for your new Road to Greatness mode, a Lebron james signature move in my Player mode and the Young James from the blacktop mode.

YouTube Preview Image

It had been reported the 14 version will probably be including clubs through the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. This will likely mark the very first time that teams from european league is going to be featured going against the NBA teams. Within the last few years , European players have been as good if not better than the Americans. Remembered Dirk Nowitzki and Parker both beaten James as the Finals MVP in the last decade.”Upon the alliance, NBA is in a position of bringing fans a step closer to the action by introducing the Euroleague into the gaming community throughout the world.


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