OTG for Samsung Galaxy S5

Why do you new a OTG for Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

After a few days having a great fun taking pictures and videos with my new Samsung Galaxy S5, my phone ‘s available memory along with the additional memory card seems to be almost flat. Its pretty troublesome to first plug the Samsung Galaxy S5 to my desktop followed by my external my passport hard disk. I realized that there may be a solution to this problem.

After researching on the issue, I found that there are three ways to this solution

1) Get a upgraded drop box plan but with a disadvantage of  incurring an additional payment

2) Get a wireless external hard disk which also meant that it is almost 1.5 times more expensive than the current pluck and play hard disk

3) Get a OTG for Samsung Galaxy S5 that converts your Samsung Galaxy S5 port into a usb port

– this is my ideal solution considering its not inexpensive below 10 dollars solution and it gives me the flexibility of using a thumb drive or an external hard disk to  transfer my files out of my smartphone


iKross Black Universal Portable Collapsible Desk Stand holder


Micro USB OTG for Samsung Galaxy S5


  • iKross Universal Collapsible Desktop Holder for Samsung S5
  • Non-Slip Footing Prevents Your Device from Moving While Operating.
  • multiple Adjustable Viewing Angles


aLLreli OTG Cable for Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Links up the Galaxy S5 to most USB Flash Drive, Mouse & Keyboard.
  • with external hard disk
  • SuperSpeed Cable: Up To 5Gbps

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