PowerBot Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad Station For Samsung Galaxy S5

PowerBot Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad Station For Samsung Galaxy S5


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This charger is pretty much perfect for my needs. I’m new to Qi charging, and am looking to implement it everywhere I need to charge a device (nightstand, desk, car, etc). I’ve got a 2013 Nexus 7, and have installed Qi adapters for my Galaxy S4 and my iPod Touch 5. I got this one after a somewhat bad experience with the first Qi charger I bought, and am loving it. After searching around online a bit, it seems that the charger itself is produced in mass quantities in China and then rebranded for sale here in the US. The original model number seems to be BC252X, where X is the initial of the color you want (R for red, W for white, B for black, L for blue, and so on). If you look around here on Amazon, you’ll see plenty of other chargers that are nearly identical to this one (DigiYes, MuchBuy, and a few others. The Koolpuck from Fonesalesman also appears to be the same device). You can also find them on other sites like ali express, if you don’t mind waiting for it to ship from China (or buying things from China, for that matter).

There were only 2 things I didn’t like with this charger – the brightness of the LED, and the loud BEEP it makes when you set a device on it – neither of these things make for a good bedside charger. Luckily, this unit was really easy to open and those two things were very easy to fix. There are 6 tabs that hold the bottom cover on, and it’s easily removed with a jeweler’s screwdriver. I put an LED dimming dot (bought locally, can’t find similar item on Amazon or I’d link it) on the plastic tab that transfers the LED light from the circuit board to the outside of the case, and now the LED is not so bright that it lights up the room at night. The speaker responsible for the BEEP is labelled J1, and it’s easy enough to disable the sound – pop the cover off of it, and remove the shiny silver disc inside that acts as the speaker cone. Replace the cover, and you’re good to go – it’s as silent as could be. Needless to say, taking any of these steps will void whatever warranty PowerBot provides, and none of this should be attempted while the unit is plugged in (obviously). Oh, one last thing – the plastic covers around the micro USB port were a bit restrictive and only allowed me to connect the USB cables supplied with the charger. While I had the covers off and PCB removed, I widened this opening up a bit with an x-acto knife and can now connect any USB cable to it. A nice benefit of this port being smallish is that the included USB cables are the only ones I’ve found that completely fit the Supcase Unicorn Beetle case for my Galaxy S4 – and now I’ve got a 4′ and 1′ cable for free. Sweet!

I also like that the charger is nice and compact. These chargers are very pocket sized, and I’m looking forward to having one with me everywhere I go. I work on x-ray machines in “the field” (ie, hospitals and surgery clinics all over my state) which means I don’t have a sit-down office, and my various electronics gadgets are always hungry for more juice. Having one of these in my bag will help with that a lot.

Samsung Wireless Charging Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Retail Packaging – Black


Samsung Galaxy S 5 Wireless Charging Battery Cover

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Wireless Charging Battery Cover. Utilizing the Qi global standard for inductive charging, you can now charge your Galaxy S 5 phone without the need to plug in. Once the battery cover is installed, simply place your device directly onto the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad (sold separately) and your phone begins to charge.

Wireless Charging is a Snap

The Galaxy S 5 Wireless Battery Cover is designed to replace your S 5’s existing battery cover. Simply remove your phone’s current battery cover, snap on the Qi compatible Samsung Galaxy S 5 Wireless Charging Battery Cover (available in Black or White) and your device is now ready for wireless charging.

Designed to Fit

The Wireless Battery Cover was designed by Samsung to seamlessly match the look and feel of your Galaxy S 5 ensuring that your phone maintains its original style and slim profile. In addition, Samsung has incorporated sealing rubber into the battery cover to retain the Galaxy S 5’s water resistance.

(Note: When installed, the Wireless Battery Cover will result in a very slight increase in the overall size of the device. As such, there is a possibility that not all case options may fit as they do with the standard battery cover installed. )


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