Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Keyboard Case Review

Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Keyboard Case Review

Should a Samsung Tab user get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Keyboard Case? There have always write ups on  tablets will one day replace laptops. I beg to differ, especially when replying an email or typing a blog post its pretty uncomfortable especially when typing at an flat angle. Some of my female friends even comment that they try not to type on the flatscreen case it may damaged their nails.

Personally I have a physical bluetooth keyboard from logitech and a couple of bluetooth keyboard cases: leather keyboard case, smart cover(moko keyboard case for the iPad mini) keyboard case and aluminum keyboard case. Based on my experience, there are a few key things to look out for before purchasing the keyboard case, the material of the keyboard(preferable hard keys), the material of the case(leather or aluminium) and the design of the case(detachable keyboard with inbuilt stand).

After trying out cases from different brands, our team from Samsung Galaxy Tab case review presents our customer with the few currently cases. Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Keyboard Case Review will be an ongoing page looking to add new keyboard cases .

COD Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case


Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Keyboard Case Review

Product Specifications


  • Detachable bluetooth keyboard (hard keys)
  • Designed to fit the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 snugly
  • Sturdy and stylish PU leather exterior
  • Stand function ideal for typing  or viewing a video
  • Professional look and feel
  • Great for replying lengthy email or to type a project


Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard case for Tab3/Note 8


Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Keyboard Case Review
Galaxy Tab 3 keyboard case
Light Weight high quality Aluminum keyboard case with a slim design hardly adds any bulk and weight to the slim Galaxy Tab 3. It has hard keys which doesn’t hinders any typing speed unlike rubberised keys that I have pretty bad experienced with. The Aluminium coat gives the case a premium look. Certainly transforms my Galaxy Tab 3 into a ultrabook.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 logitech Keyboard stand review







Best Galaxy Tab 3 case











Voted as the best product that never gets outdated and fits well with any bluetooth device. The logitech keyboard is compact and light which makes it great while on the go, pairs easily with my note 8, tab 3 and iPad.

It comes with a carrying case to protect the keyboard, which converts into a sturdy stand either in portrait or landscape mode for the tablet that’s adjustable to the required angle.

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