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Samsung Galaxy Tablets best in the Andriod tablets

What makes a Samsung Galaxy a best choice and top selling Tablet for users?

For a start, the wide choices available differentiated by the specs and price makes Galaxy series a top seller. The top mobile line carriers,  Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile carrying the LTE versions of the tablets gives you a subsidized price of the Tablets. For instance for can purchase a Galaxy Note pro with a 60% discount.  Nevertheless, one can also get one without a contract.

Further more, the Galaxy Tab has multi function, some comes with a stylus can also acts as a TV controller. Additionally features as  a phaplet phone as well having Bluetooth capability. The Apple iPad lacks of this function. Having a Samsung Gear two paired with the tablets and S5 further fortifies Samsung gadgets multiuse as a sports device.

Most reviewers are surprisingly pleased with the resolution of the Galaxy Tab. In both browsing and gaming, the images are crystal clear and, thanks to the sturdy Corning Gorilla glass, even readable in bright sunlight.

Design wise, its thin bezel makes it easier to hold it. 2013 the tablets of note 10.1, tab 3 design has been simple and light with a plastic back case. 2014 Pro series of the Galaxy Tab slimmed down with a leather back makes the tablet a class of its own comparable to iPad aluminum body.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 model: 1280×800, Qualcomm Snapdragon, 149 ppi, 1.2 GHz Quad-Core, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage (ROM), a microSD card slot (up to 64 GB), Camera: 3MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing and weighs 17.3 oz. (490 grams). Android 4.4.2

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

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Samsung Galaxy Tab pro

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