Top 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 12.2 cases

Top 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 12.2 cases


The Galaxy Tab Pro is the newest line of Samsung Galaxy Tab series. In fact it is the tablet with the biggest screen size 12.2 inches along with a nice light weight of 680 grams and 2.54 inches or 0.762 centimeters thick. It boosts a great speed at with a  1.9 giga hertz processor of 2560×1600 WQXGA Display. Galaxy Tab case review researched on the 3 best cases that we thought you should have to go along with this device.



rooCASE Samsung


GALAXY Tab Pro Case





Product Design

  • High quality PU leather on the exterior along with a soft non-scratch material on its interior
  • Removable inner sleeve for multiple angle. The sleeve uses a removable velcro for the device to be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • Three grooves that allows the user to adjust the screen viewing angle. Precise cutouts so there are no worries of not able to access to the different ports.
  • Complementary Stylus and stylus loop
  • Inbuilt magnets to securely close also to sleep and awake the device

Personal experience of the case

  • it’s big enough to protect the Tab all around its edges and corners
  • the easel feature works well in both landscape (bend the case at the back) and portrait (remove a velcro sleeve and reposition it) modes
  • it’s real leather and soft padding inside
  • it fits around all the cameras, connections, etc.
  • the magnetic catch holding the cover in place is very subtle but seems strong enough to work well.





Moko Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2 Case


  • Engineered for Samsung Galaxy  TabPRO 12.2
  • High quality PU leather exterior and microfiber interior.
  • Mufti angle flip stand that makes typing an email or watching a film a great experience.
  • Padded front and back cover offer more protection against drops and bumps .
  • Lifetime warranty

My humble experience

The leather seems nice and it isn’t slippery giving a secure feel when holding it or picking it up. The white stitching seems solid and is present in every corner, the color actually lends a look of class. The magnetic closure is very very strong (for a case) which means is not gonna open up by accident.The small strap behind the case effectively holds the cover and, once you hold the note using the hand strap, the cover also bends and rests in the base of our wrist thanks to the single fold in it.The Velcro for holding the tablet in place is very well positioned. If you place it correctly, getting the note out of the case is kind of difficult, which means it’s very safe and keeps the note from moving back and forth.





Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case


  • Hardy and elegant leather exterior
  • Great colours mixture
  • Useful Bluetooth keyboard that allows physical feel of the keys



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