Top Selling Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 keyboard case Review

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 keyboard case Review

The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is poised to be the most productive based tablet in 2014. It is designed to be in every possible way for work  task.

  1. For designers and artist, the Walcom S stylus is simply an angel in disguise.  The artist and designers do not have to waste paper or paint on their draft work. In the past designers need to use 20 to 30 pieces of paper before a finished work. The stylus is also useful for your child to doodle on screen instead of walls or any pieces of important documents.
  2. An education kit . Recent customers and students review the inbuilt application S notes is great for drawing up mind-maps for revision.  They also include templates for letter writing, economics and science which eases student completing a project
  3. Data organisation , the bigger the screen is the better it is for organizing data on excel and doing presentation slides on the PowerPoint
  4. Watching a training video in a visibly larger 12.2 inches screen  or doing a web video conference

However, there is something lacking a physical keyboard. Having to type and article of 400 words without a physical keyboard is very taxing on the fingers and sight. My shoulders and fingers felt pretty tired after typing for a longer period of time. Having a physical keyboard really solves my problem of physical aches to certain extend.  Moreover, I do not have to keep cleaning my screen due to my fingerprints marks left on the screen.

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Samsung Note pro Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard case

  • Engineered to fit the Note Pro 12.2
  • Elegant and shock resistance pebble-grain leather exterior
  • Flip stand function that transforms the note pro to an ultra book
  • Nice color contrast that matches the tablet nicely

Exact Type Keyboard Case for Galaxy Note Pro 


  • Removable wireless keypad pairs perfectly with the 12.2 inched tablet
  • Proper cutouts allows full accessibility to every available ports without removing the device


SPARIN® Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Note Pro ($15.99)

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  • Slim stylish,comfortable and ergonomic design
  • works with your other devices
  • Super easy and fast set-up

New Galaxy Note Pro case Review

For users who want an extra case that they can bring around and protect their Galaxy note pro while leaving their keyboard cases at home. These cases include smart folds cases, leather folio cases, back cases and cases with cards inserts.


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